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PTC offers products from the world leading manufacturers of sensors, instruments and machinery to meet your requirements in process, industrial hygiene, maintenance and manufacturing. They help to increase plant safety and productivity, reduce time to market and improve product quality in industries.

Process Solutions

PTC offers a wide range of measuring and sensors products for pressure, temperature, flow, speed, and vibration. Versatile and dependable data acquisition products are available to match with your requirements even in harsh and remote environments. In addition, leading edge analytical instruments for high purity water, steam, condensate, cooling water, potable and waste water are also available.

Industrial Hygiene Instruments

A wide range of industrial hygiene products for situations from occupational health to safety applications, including gas and dust detectors as well as equipment and supplies are provided.

Maintenance Solutions

PTC has been a long term partner and solution provider for local maintenance professionals to provide magnetic particle, resonant and dye penetrant inspection equipment and associated chemical products for non-destructive testing. In addition, a range of equipment and machines are also available for motor repairing and balancing. From detecting hair-line cracks in a small mechanical component to balancing a 100 tons rotor, PTC is capable to help you in choosing the most suitable tools and to use those tools in the most effective and efficient ways.

Gas Generators

PTC supplies Hydrogen / Oxygen Gas Generation Systems which are on-site, on-demand, ultra-pure gas generation, with delivery options up to 2500 SLM (150 Nm3/hr) and system design to include compression and storage solutions specific to your application.

Glass Working Tools and Machinery

PTC works with various producers including quartz glass, semiconductor and fiber industry through supplying a wide range of burners, tools and machinery such as glass working lathes, cutting machines, silicon processing, glass forming as well as grinding and drilling machines.

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