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PTC seeks to deliver high quality and innovative products,

To Our Customers:

PTC seeks to deliver high quality and innovative products, value-added services, application-appropriate and cost effective solutions, in a consistent and trustworthy manner, to our customer every day. We appreciate your business and patronage.

To Our Principals:

Being a value-added partner, PTC seeks to assist and grow with our principals in a long term basis through product introductions, expansion of market shares and creation of new business opportunities. We depend on your best quality products and services, just-in-time delivery, and competitive prices. Last but not least, we treasure our mutual trust and loyalty.

To Our Employees:

As PTC’s most valuable assets, we strive together to create a working environment that is safe, open, friendly and non-political. We provide equitable compensation, opportunity for personal development and growth, and employment based on contribution and performance. We value a diverse workforce which gives us a competitive advantage and all employees are treated with equal respect and trust.